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vegas collage

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Name: joe
Country: el paso TX
Sent: 01/06/2010 10:01:54 pm

i think ur pretty cool
Name: Elizabeth Owens
Country: El Paso Tx.
Sent: 09/22/2009 04:09:10 pm

Name: Kiki
Country: USA
Sent: 07/23/2009 07:07:46 pm

Hey Maya! I love your show!
Name: Victoria
Country: Usa
Sent: 06/23/2009 02:06:25 pm

Hey Maya! How did you get to be a kid chef? I am very interested in cooking and I made many new dishes myself that are delicious! Please post at my website
Name: alexus parks
Country: us
Sent: 05/28/2009 03:05:37 pm

i love this site!
Name: taylor johnsen
Sent: 05/21/2009 05:05:45 pm

i loveeeee mayaaa(
Name: Amy
Country: USA
Sent: 04/08/2009 05:04:49 pm

I just saw your site for the first time and i think your really cool. I watched all of your videos and I love them.
Name: seairra
Country: u.a.s
Sent: 03/02/2009 11:03:19 am

this is cool
Name: Dei Gomez
Country: USA
Sent: 02/13/2009 06:02:05 pm

i made salty pancakes
Name: Christian
Country: United States
Sent: 02/08/2009 10:02:27 pm

I'v always dreamed of being a chef. Actually, "cook" was my first word.
I already know what college I'm going to, CIA of California.