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Nasty Stuff is a humorous page dedicated to anyone who would like to share their experience of eating something that a family member or friend have prepared that wasn't exactly up to par. So if you have a mom or dad, uncle or aunt even granny who just don't know how to cook please feel free to share.

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Name: jeremy
Country: USA
Sent: 01/24/2010 08:01:40 pm

my sister tried to cook instant mashed potatoes and it ended up being a potatoe soup

Name: Maya
Sent: 09/29/2009 04:09:33 pm

Hi Jeff,

I don't think you're weird just because you don't like chocolate in your ice cream. Kids at school think that I'm weird when I bring certain foods like pita with hummus for lunch etc---they look at me like "what's up with that stinky food..." I don't care though and neither should you!

Name: Maya
Sent: 09/29/2009 11:09:36 pm

Hi Alondra,

Thank you for watching my webisodes!  
My suggestion to you is to ask your 
mother to watch KidChef together with you, 
this way she might change her mind and let 
you help her in the kitchen...let me know
how it works out.

Name: Alondra Roque
Country: USA
Sent: 09/28/2009 03:09:49 pm

Hi, I like your cooking show. my mom don't let me cook, because I am only 9. I made a very nasty soup one time by add all the sauce in my chicken noddle soup and it taste really bad. But, you are cool.
Name: Jeff Chang
Country: USA
Sent: 09/28/2009 03:09:02 pm

I don't like any chocolate in my ice cream at looks nasty and taste nasty. my mom and my dad all think I'm weird, but I just don't like it......not matter what.
Name: Victoria
Country: Usa
Sent: 06/23/2009 02:06:41 pm

I hate vegetables! They are just downright gross! Once I was at a party and they were passing a plate of veggies around the table, so I took one, pretended to eat it and secretly threw it under the table! And I'm 13!
Name: Taylor
Country: Usa
Sent: 06/04/2009 10:06:21 pm

I am 10 and i love your recipes and i am the one who told you my email and asked if you can help so i was just letting you know that i am 10 for some weird resoneLOL:d)):H
Name: Taylor
Country: USA
Sent: 06/04/2009 10:06:58 pm

Hi my name is Taylor and i love this website is sooooo cool i would love to get in contact so her is my email i hope we get in touch i would like to now more were you have been and the foods that you have eaten well i have to go to Karat so got to go ttys


Name: muhammad
Country: pakistan
Sent: 05/04/2009 02:05:52 am

the last thing you want is soggy schnitzel...
Name: Delaney
Country: USA
Sent: 04/14/2009 10:04:06 pm

I made pancakes with my friend, and when they were done my mom thought it was oatmeal... so we went with it, and then she said they tasted like rotten fruit!