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UPDATE: This year I have decided to develop my idea in a different direction. I have created a brand new show called MayaEats on Youtube, where I invite all of you to join me as I travel to different places and experience different foods. This can be seen at MayaEats Please contact me on my Youtube page. I will be keeping Kidchef up and running for your viewing pleasure because there’s still lots for you to see and learn! Thanks for checking back on the site, and I can’t wait to hear from you all on Youtube!


I’m an eleventh grader from Las Vegas, Nevada, the buffet capital of the world. I have always had a fascination with food which stems from my family background. My mom has always taken me food shopping in different ethnic markets, introducing me to a wide variety of tastes and flavors that do not exist on a regular supermarket shelf. Then I have my Israeli grandmother, who splits her time between writing her books and cooking for my South African grandfather, who by the way just loves Indian dishes. My grandmother is the inspiration for many of the recipes that I have adopted for myself. My father is American and he’s responsible for exposing me to the American food that I love. My step-dad is English and he’s a vegetarian who makes the most amazing desserts, and happens to hate garlic. His mother by the way was an unbelievable cook too, and used to be the Manageress of one of the restaurants at the Cumberland Hotel in London.

I have a Yemenite great grandmother who is responsible for making me fall in love with Yemenite food. I also have a South African aunt who is great with Thai food and is responsible for the Thai dishes that I know how to cook. Then of course there are a number of chefs that I love to watch on television and they too have contributed to my knowledge. My favorite is Chef Curtis Stone, who knows, maybe one day he’ll pop in for a visit and teach me a thing or two.

My goal is to introduce kids to everything that I know about food. Cooking different foods from around the world really makes me feel as if I’m visiting those countries while I’m cooking. Cooking is a great way of expanding your horizons and learning about different people and different cultures. I hope you enjoy my website as much as I enjoy preparing all my dishes for your entertainment.


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