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Name: Sharon Levinsky
Country: USA
Sent: 02/12/2008 01:02:29 am

Maya, what a great site! I tried the sweet and sour chicken the other night. It was wonderful! All the best,


Name: Tami Dekel
Country: Israel
Sent: 02/11/2008 12:02:11 pm

Maya, I'm a teacher and have recommended to my students to go into your website. You have proved that even at such a young age it is possible to develop ones hobbies and talents. I wish you much success. The site is attractive and you are great.
Name: maxine awner
Sent: 02/06/2008 08:02:24 pm

great concept look forward to watching this with my daughters 9 and 10 and having them help me cook.
Name: Saskia Bliss
Country: england
Sent: 02/06/2008 08:02:26 pm

Hi Maya,
It is Greg's friend Jeremy's daughter Saskia.
I think this is a great website and very interesting.

From Saskia

Name: Eli and Noa Naveh
Country: Israel
Sent: 02/06/2008 12:02:53 pm

Maya we love your macaroni and cheese recipe and have already make it. Not only are you a good cook but you are lovely looking and will be the new Martha Stewart. Our grandchildren are getting excited about your website. We wish you well Eli and Noa Naveh
Name: Nicola
Sent: 02/05/2008 04:02:32 pm

Hi Maya,

I look forward to testing your recipes on my boyfriend. Thanks,


Name: miri
Country: israel
Sent: 02/05/2008 03:02:06 pm

she is very creative and special
Name: Angie
Country: Israel
Sent: 02/05/2008 02:02:44 pm

Hi came across your website by chance and love it. Have tried sending you a comment before but somehow didn't succeed. How about more recipes. the ones I tried are so tasty
Name: nira atzmon
Sent: 02/05/2008 08:02:22 am

i love it
Name: Beth Levinsky
Country: UK
Sent: 02/04/2008 08:02:00 pm

What a lovely idea, and so well presented. I'm sure the show will be very popular